A taste of the sideshow is just around the corner.

HoneyBee Burlesque will be having another self produced show on Friday, October 10th held at Studio 58 in Frederick. It’s clear that a burlesque show is unique to other types of entertainment in the area. You already know how special and entertaining burlesque is?! Well good. Here’s what make a HoneyBee Burlesque show at Studio 58 even better:

We are helping your community. This will give you talking points to convince your disapproving naive mother why burlesque is saving the world. Just tell her you’re going to a “fundraising event”.

We have more entertainers. More entertainers means a bigger variety. Variety is the spice of life. So are boobs. Boobs are the spice of life.

Our shows last longer. You’re getting twice as much entertainment for the same price.

We have plenty of seating for everyone. You will not have to stand on your aching feet. You will not have to stand on other peoples aching feet. Speaking as a polite short lady, standing room only situations can test your patience, your vision and your tolerance of the human kind. Not here.

We have BYOB. No drink minimum! Your tab for the night can be free if you chose. If you are partaking in the libations, you can bring your favorite on your own budget.

Have you RSVP’ed yet?! See you on the 10th!


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