Hump Nights

Get ready for a series of midweek burlesque!  The Lodge is open Wednesdays for weekly shows and Thursdays for karaoke. Honeybee Burlesque will be hosting the third Wednesday of each month starting December, 20th. What better way to add some pizzazz to your mid week blues than to join us?! Camel




Busy Bees

We’ve been buzzing all over this past week.

Knox Gently and Scarlett Ropeburn were among Divas at the Lodge last Friday.  Diva Night

Bearcat Betty was immersed in D.C. featured Thursday, Friday and Sunday during In Cabaret We Trust.

In Cabaret We Trust

Lady Bladie, Lipstick Lamarr and Bearcat Betty talked shop with Frederickland for a burlesque related podcast.




Have a Seat Take a Load off Your Feet…

… Sassafras put the load on your a$$.

Seats are on sale for our Hot & Bothered show at The Lodge on FRIDAY, AUGUST 4th!

Message us now to reserve seating.  Never underestimate the value of having a place to park yourself in comfort. Your feet with that you and so will we.

(Does not include door cover. Cover paid separately at the door the night of the show.)


Key City Steampunk Festival

The festival is approaching! Our beloved hometown of Frederick is host to the only pennyfarthing race in the country.  Racers come from all over the world to take part in this fabulously unique event.  Our friend and supporter, Wheeler Stone of Doc Stone Studios is proprietor of Steampunk Frederick and hosting the second annual festival in Frederick during the weekend of the High Wheel race! The event will take place in the air conditioning at the MET (Maryland Ensemble Theater) downtown. Did we say air conditioning? There will be air conditioning.

What an amazing way to take part in celebrating what makes this area so special.

GET YOUR TICKETS NOW! The weekend festival is an incredible bargain, as are the concerts, but if you’re only able to attend our portion of the entertainment there is an option for that as well.  Commodore Bailey will guide you through the night as Bearcat Betty, Lady Bladie and Lipstick Lamarr entertain you with their own special variety of antics. Cinderfella will be back again as our pick-up-artist. We look forward to seeing you there.