Q. How to I get involved with the troupe?
A. We would love to include everyone in our shows, but if we did that there would be no audience. What fun is that?!  We are not currently looking for anymore additions to our burlesque family at this time, but keep your eyes peeled on our facebook page, and our fan club group on Facebook for information about upcoming workshops, classes, and meet & greets! That’s the best time to try to get your foot in our burly circle! See the Casting Calls section to submit as a guest performer.

Q. How can I book you for our next event or party?
A. Contact Us Here!  Let us know when and what type of event!

Q. What do you charge for your parties and events?
A. We don’t have a set price; there are many factors we consider when quoting a booking fee. Some things that will impact pricing are location, date/time, type of event, length of performance and number of performers. It is best to send us an email with details of your need and we can guide you into determining what entertainment options you have for your budget.

Q. Do you perform at charity events?
A. Yes, we do! One of our objectives as a troupe is to give back to our local community. We love it when our talents make a good fit for a cause we are passionate to support!

Q. What is the difference between Ballyhoo Dolls & Honeybee Burlesque?
A. Ballyhoo Dolls are the family friendly entertainment group associated with Honeybee Burlesque.  If you’re looking for vibrate entertainment for a family friendly environment or children’s event/party, Ballyhoo Dolls are best for you. ballyhoodolls@gmail.com

Got a question? Email us at BurlyBees@gmail.com 


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