Bearcat Betty
Member Since Aug 2013

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Bearcat Betty is a Frederick, Maryland based variety performer, specializing in burlesque and sideshow entertainment. Habitually voluptuous and rarely ferocious, she brings excessive sarcasm and vigorous smiling to a stage or dressing room near you. Among her bladewalking and tassel twirling talents, she considers herself a chocolate milk connoisseur and has been in a lifelong battle with top shelves. She’s lavishly unique and unapologetically herself. Bearcat is a tacky treasure in a modern world.

Bearcat Betty’s repertoire features classic and neo-Burlesque, as well as sideshow stunts. Exceptionally adequate, this Dame of Danger is capable of rope, chain and straitjacket escapes, bed of nails, ladder of swords, human blockhead, human cutting board, glass walking, animal traps, plate spinning and fire eating/breathing! She can also make balloon dogs, giraffe-like dogs and dogs with abnormally long tails.

–Performances range from family/kid friendly to adults only–
Bearcat Betty on Facebook
Instagram @bearcatbetty

Lady Bladie
member Since Aug 2013

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Lady Bladie is Frederick, Maryland’s brash beauty. She is a bio-queen, model, entertainer, windup doll, balloon artist and all around hot mess.  Armed with drag inspiration and unapologetic confidence this harlot aims to captivate her audience with her unique  special blend of glitter and garbage. She is “Delightfully Crude”, in the cute and charming kinda way! Lady Bladie is the dazzling dumpster  fire  you don’t want to miss!
–Performances range from family/kid friendly to adults only–
Contact E-Mail –
Lady Bladie on Facebook  Lady Bladie on instagram
Lady Bladies Rarely updated  blog

Lipstick Lamarr
Member Since March 2014

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Lipstick Lamarr is Frederick, MD’s very own punk rock pinup. She lives for unexpected twists on classic burlesque and wants you to ignore that vague sense of dread you have when she takes the stage. Her repertoire of characters includes everything from naughty lunch ladies to Irish fan dancers and Leatherface to most of the current (as of May 2018) Presidential administration. If she leaves you feeling confused and slightly disturbed about being kind of turned on, she’s done her job. Prepare to be seduced in the most delightful way by Lipstick Lamarr!

Commodore Bailey
Master of Ceremonies
Member since Feb 2014

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Presenting: The herald of harlots, the barker of burlies, the master of disaster and ceremonies, Commodore Bailey!
As MC, Commodore Bailey keeps our evening on track while derailing into comedic delights that keep the crowd giddy throughout the night. Consider yourself lucky if you’ve witnessed a peek at his sultry sock garters.  He has a taste for dandy & dapper fashions. His suspenders are becoming a work of art with his outrageous vintage style pin collection and his royally awesome pants are loved all around! Drawing inspiration of the barkers of the past (1920s-1950s), he lets the audience know  that “If they’re applauded, you’re rewarded!”

Lilly La-Q
Founding member Since Aug 2013

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Lily La-Q (Lily Lace-Queen) is the Metal Maiden of HoneyBee Burlesque. With a firey dance background, she pirouettes her way into your heart, spinning on stage like a lacey tornado!  Lily is best known for her infusion of dance into her burlesque style! She delivers ballet with a dash of modern, lyrical and hip-hop. She draws inspiration from Maria Brink of In This Moment, who is Lily’s “spirit animal” in and out of burlesque. Outside of burlesque this witchy lady can be found prancing in the forests, and trying to save the environment one bath-bomb at a time!
Check out Her Etsy page!
Instagram @mandyislily 

Honeysuckle Rose
Brand Artist
Member since March 2014

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Honeysuckle Rose is our resident artist at HoneyBee Burlesque, as well as one of our loved performers. She creates our logos and inspires us all. Multi-talented, her vocal skills are an asset. When she isn’t admiring your facial hair, Honeysuckle is likely working on a fabulous piece of art. Even though she is known for her musical talents, she is a wiz at whipping up costumes to delighting the crowds.  Her art skills are available for hire and she welcomes commissioned work!
Fat Cat Artistry

Johnnie Moxie
Member since March 2014

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Johnnie Moxie is a supporter of body positivity and has encouraged many women, not only by her fabulous performances, but her outlandishly fun attitude.  Her fondness for curvy Fords of the fifties is matched only by your fondness for her curves. If Johnnie Moxie has any say in it, her lingerie collection may achieve record status. Inspiration draws from Ursula the Sea Witch, Divine and The Militant Baker, none of which are burlesque dancers but who cares! Johnnie Moxie also a published poet and culinary enthusiast! You can pay her to show up to your house and cook you dinner in her underwear, because Johnnie HATES pants!

Member Since October 2015

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Cinderfella captures the audience and delights them with his character changing appearances. He is a rising star who takes great care with his role in the boylesque world and finds inspiration through others as he develops his stage personality. Our beautiful boy has been sighted causing commotion with poi and hoop. He is an aspiring herpetologist who breeds poison dart frogs and volunteers at the National Aquarium!

Scarlett Ropeburn
Rehearsal Manage
Member Since July 2016

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Scarlett Ropeburn, of immaculate birth, will scorch your heart and heal it with a blown kiss. Her brand of burlesque is a grab bag of pop, rock, glam, and grotesque with a surprise or two thrown in. This quick-witted beauty spends her time in clubs sipping her vodka and Redbull, ready with a playful taunt, a lewd joke, or a wink and a smile. When not performing, Scarlett enjoys spending her time sleeping and eating. If you’re lucky you may also spot her alter ego Damien Poe.

Denis the Menace
Lead Stage Hand & Member since Sept 2014

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Denis the Menace doesn’t have a job title, because he’s up for any task. You never know where you may see Denny lurking in our shows.  We use him for his musical talents, his accents and his quips. One of our members uses him for his. Miss Johnnie Moxie and Denis the Menace are a duet in life as well as vocally.  Denny is a masterful mechanic and mastermind. He can often be found blessing knowledge upon the ignorant.  If he’s not handling his wrench, he may be found eating buffalo chicken strips or playing with blowtorches. Denny may hold the world record for unhooking the most bras with one hand in under a minute.  Or that may have been some other guy. He sure does look good in a wig and dress though!

Mistress Sonata
Member since March 2014

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Mistress Sonata is one of our multi-skilled sirens. She incorporates her skills as a pianist into some of her acts. She has also made your burlesque-loving-heart float on air with use of her silk fans. She is a talented artist and hair stylist who has an affinity to vintage fashions and the art of KuKula.
Book an appointment with Sonata today at Alter Ego!

Grate Scott!
Member since March 2014

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If HoneyBee Burlesque is a governing body, Grate Scott! is our poet laureate. Master of the fine art of Lyrical Burlesque, he brings culture and humor to our shows with his spoken word. He enjoys watching all forms of burlesque and enjoys joining the audience during our shows. Grate Scott! joined us after being crowned victor of a dance off at our first produced show, winning the crowd over the other men in boas. We add the “!” to his name to emphasize his excellence and our appreciation, despite any confusion it may cause your grammatical reading flow. A wise performer, Grate Scott! keeps the ladies of the crowd in mystery on whether or not his pants will vanish during his act.

Pepper Jack
Member since Feb 2014

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Pepper Jack is one of Frederick’s dapper dangers. Pepper Jack has worked as an art model in the Frederick area and an underwear model in his home. He can be found opening doors for ladies and hogging the dance floor. When he is not getting hot in the spotlight, he can be found twirling his mustache as he plots an evil railroad bondage scheme. His charm is vast and only outweighed by his fondness for nudity. He is too sexy for his shirt. His is so sexy it hurts. Pepper Jack is married to the beauteous burly Bearcat Betty, one of the reasons he began his boylesque journey, the other being his enjoyment of writhing around in quality attention.

Roxy Scintilla
Member since June 2016

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Bringing “Queerlesque” to the stage, Roxy is a fantastical theatrical asset to Honeybee Burlesque.   Roxy is known to amuse and astound , it will be impossible not to be entertained! Performing such characters like Dr. Frankfurter and Harley Quinn, Roxy leaves you a bit confused and wanting more!

Misery Reign
Member since Aug 2015

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Kiti Hendrix
Member since July 2016

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Chasity Vain
Member since November 2017

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Host of The Lodge Hump nights!
Drag Queen, Singer, Cher Illusionist, and Burlesque! The Entertainer has something for everyone!

Knox Gently 
Member since Dec 2014

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Knox Gently is shy and awkward, but there’s more to him than being tall, dark, and blandsome! He is the unicorn in uniform, a rare, white cishet male burlesquer whose privilege it is to perform for you!


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