About Us

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HoneyBee Burlesque is Frederick’s first, finest and only Burlesque troupe. Bonding over our love for vaudeville and vintage undergarments, we formed a magical merging of fantastic ladies and gentlemen to bring the excitement of burlesque  and variety show to you!

Our Mission  is to Pollinate Poise & Pride.

HoneyBee Burlesque is a haphazard mix of folks that frolic in various stages of life. We are a body positive troupe, all of our performers have interesting and unique back stories that helped create the shining stars that you see before you on stage. Some of us are parents, some of us have been to hell and back, medical conditions, and bad romances, and everything in between.

We all have bill paying day jobs that burn our souls. We do burlesque because we enjoy it. We writhe around in glitter and glee until our inner attention hog is satisfied… at least until the next show. We love to make you laugh. We love to reincarnate your self-esteem. We hope seeing our show drives you to pursue endeavors maybe you felt were out of reach. We aim to set an example of healthy confidence for women (and men)  all over. We also want your money… money is good.

A Brief History


HoneyBee Burlesque was formed in a serendipitous union of Lady Bladie & Bearcat Betty. Both of them in similar circles, Bladie worked as a Faux-Queen and Go-Go dancer at a local club while Bearcat graced art stages and performed independently. Both of them working towards the same goal… Burlesque, more specifically, local burlesque!.  After months of trying to convince the club owner she worked for to let her have a Burlesque ladies night, Bladie set out to find a bunch of ladies who would be willing to perform in the show. She pulled a lot of favors, and forced her friends to join in as well. In need of more dancers, Bladie ask her photographer friends if they knew of any interested ladies. That is when Bladie and Bearcat met. The First show, which technically was not a HoneyBee show, was September 27th, 2013. Soon after that was another show with burlesque featuring Bearcat Betty, Lady Bladie and Lily La’Q.

HoneyBee Burlesque got their first big break when Bearcat scored a venue in downtown Frederick and began to pursue self-produced shows. February 15th, 2014 was the birth of HoneyBee Burlesque.  They were happy if thirty of their friends and family showed up to the event. With overwhelming numbers attending, Bearcat & Bladie knew they tapped into the desired market! The rest is history! HoneyBee Burlesque boosts a troupe of over 20 members, each artist bringing their own skills to the stage, from trained dancers, musicians, comedians, side show antics, and the support staff. There is something for everyone!


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