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Friday, June 7th Honeybee Burlesque and Bearcat Betty will join others to bring a touch of live entertainment to the Frederick Pride Silent Auction at Unity Church. Join us for an evening of supporting our local pride and the arts while getting a taste of drag, burlesque, sideshow and music.

silent auction

Ouroboros: Dawn of the Cabaret

The third in a series of immersive theater experiences, this run acts a prequel to In Cabaret We Trust and Cabaret Rising, both which featured Bearcat Betty as a part of the Cabaret show surrounded by extraordinary variety performers, in a world created by a group of talented actors.  Join TBD Immersive again as the Westcott’s throw a party – Ain’t no party like a Westcott party – and see Bearcat Betty perform an act during the evening among an atmosphere of fire performers, a pole dancer, a juggler, an acroyoga duo, and aerialists. That’s just the party entertainment while the real action is taking place!

Read more on DC Theatre Scene and take note of this descriptive note towards the end…

“From the fortune teller in the parlor to the burlesque dancer in the ballroom to the fire performers working their magic in the garden, there was always something to engage with and admire.”

That’s Honeybee Burlesque represented there… we’re the “burlesque in the ballroom”.

Ouroboros: Dawn of the Cabaret