Why Not Both?!

Need plans for tomorrow?


Bearcat Betty will be transforming from life to paper thanks to local artists. That could be you! Come draw our own habitually voluptuous, rarely ferocious producer with whatever skills you can muster. EVENT Page



Lady Bladie will be taking the floor during Open Stage at The Lodge surrounded by cheering audience. That could also be you! Come out and support burlesque on the stage with the energy you have left this week. EVENT Page

open stage

Bees at The Bier Baron

A few of the Honeybee Burlesque members will be appearing at the DC Regional Burlpicks on Satuday, May 12th.  Come to the Bier Baron and support these ladies and all of the other entertainers.  The line up is long and impressive and sure to knock your socks off!

Event Page for Tickets


March Madness!!

If you’re looking for ways to tickle your fancy this month, check out our performers in various appearances:

Bearcat Betty at Dupont Underground

Cabaret Rising has concluded, but there will be one last performance of the Cabaret show that you can attend with the TBD Immersive actors as they get a front row seat to watch the variety acts after weeks of hard work in the underground.

In Cabaret We Trust

Bearcat Betty at The State Theater


Humplestilskin at the Lodge

hump night

Lily La’Q at The Pinchbampow

Lipstick Lamarr, Roxy Scintilla & Lady Bladie at The Old Church