We’d like to again thank everyone who came out to last weekend’s show in Frederick.  We were very delighted to see new faces and meet new people, as well as share in more good times with our devoted friends and fans.  We had a quite a big crowd, as we generally have.  As a troupe, we do everything we can within our control at the venues we are invited to ensure everyone feels inclusive and able to enjoy the view of the show.  Every venue is different and unique to their generally intended function. As they are unique in their typical usage, each one has different seating, sound, lighting and stage equipment.  Today’s burlesque shows are frequently held in bars with very little to no seating. Other times they are held in large theaters. We are continually looking to find additional places of all sizes in which to perform.  We are also thankful for all of the venues that have hosted our shows to date.  You’ll see us return to the same venues throughout the year as well as see new venues presented, some very soon in fact! If you are attending a show and ever have a specific question about the setup of the show, please don’t hesitate to ask us or the venue! HoneyBee Burlesque is full of friendly people and always answer our email and comments (through comments here, Facebook or gmail).  If there is somewhere you frequent and you’d like to see us entertain you there, let them know!

On that note, all of our performers have their own style.  Burlesque is an art form that has been around for many years and has re-surged in the past decades, taking new spins as well as reliving the old ones.  Traditional and Neo-burlesque, as well as the vaudeville and sideshow acts, are all valued by our group.  If you want to see something that you haven’t yet, let us know! We’re all always up for new adventures.

Thank you kindly folks and we hope to see you again soon!

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