Marvelous March

Anyone can celebrate the “typical” holidays like New Year’s and Halloween, but did you realize how fantastic March of 2015 will be?! Aside from the jolly green festivities of St.Patrick’s Day, March this year brings us an encore of Friday the 13th and the ULTIMATE Pi Day!

friday 13th imageNon-leap years give us that double dose of superstition when the Thirteenth falls on a Friday in February.  Well, the HoneyBee Burlesque crew will be hard at work that night preparing for our February 14th show, LOVE ME DEAD. However, you can throw yourself and your friends a thrilling Friday the 13th party night in March. Hire some entertainment to liven your luck! Book fast, there’s only one 13 in March.

pieAs if that wasn’t enough, nerds and number geeks have known for years (yes, years- it’s pathetically exciting) that March 14, 2015 is the ultimate Pi day (3.14.15)! 3.141592653589793238462643383… (A true dork-Bearcat Betty can rattle off about thirty digits of pi and has used that irrational number for calculating trim on parasols.) Bake some pie, invite your friends, and hire our performers to bring some Nerd-lesque to you!

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